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Adobe Summit 2021 Week Wrap Up with Philip Jackson

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Adobe Summit 2021 Week Wrap Up with Philip Jackson

Lucas is joined by Philip Jackson, host of Future Commerce, to run down and wrap up the events of the past week's 2021 Adobe Summit, and go into detail about how the digital giant is far from interested in resting on their laurels.


Another Adobe Summit has come and gone, with all the revelations of digital innovations, deep dives into detailed public discussions, and A-list celebrity schmoozing that includes, in so-far as a global economy shaken, confused and disrupted by the last year and a half's COVID-19 pandemic can manage.

Lucas's fellow e-commerce expert Philip Jackson shares his highlights of this year's announcements, a few surprises to keep your eye on, and the newest developments to help e-commerce retailers stay at the top of their game.

  • Adobe's strategy: Never one to bill themselves a 'House of Brands', Adobe is a 'branded house', adapting and adopting other developers, programs and innovations into the Adobe melting pot, rather than simply becoming their newest distributer, and this winning strategy shows no sign of stopping. Adobe will continue expanding and acquiring new programs, such as Workfront, that allows a seamless connection between Adobe Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud, allowing outside companies to help drive innovations themselves, then integrating those outside ideas to better serve their customers. It's Adobe's intent that someday, the entire e-commerce ecosystem will work closely with its individual parts together, lead by Adobe and their innovation integration strategy.
  • Changes coming to Magento : Adobe's open source e-commerce platform will face a face-value only name change, away from it's original brand Magento to the new in-house label Adobe Commerce. While at this point a veteran of the digital retail landscape, continues to keep up with the competition, no matter how close they increasingly come to overtaking the programming giant. Purchased by Adobe three years ago, Magento once ruled the e-commerce economy, when that ecosystem was a much smaller pond. With so many new platforms taking precedence, the acquisition had lagged somewhat on leading the field. That doesn't mean they're down and out though, with the newly rebranded Adobe Commerce offering a more stable, well rounded experience for digital retailers. The Magento Project itself will continue as a separate organization under the same name, no longer tied to the consumer product offered by Adobe.
  • Expanded features for Audience Manager: Adobe's intelligent segment profiler can now break down a viewer's activities, interests and emotional tells, tracking and measuring a user's interaction and dwell-time on a page, to better determine what specific segments have real emotional and personal impact on a customer. This gives online retailers a much deeper pool of details and personal information to take advantage of when loading and planning automated outreach campaigns, or even page by page personalization.
  • New shipping partnership: Adobe and FedEx are teaming up to bring ShopRunner, FedEx's e-commerce delivery and logistics system to Adobe Commerce, allowing online retailers the ability to offer last minute two-day shipping, a seamless checkout experience, and an easier system for accepting product returns.

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