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Checkout These SMS Collection Tactics

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Checkout These SMS Collection Tactics

Save yourself some hassle with segmentation. Host Lucas Walker takes a solo look at making the most of effective SMS collection tactics and strategies.

So you've managed to get your customers to hand over their SMS numbers, what now? How do you take full advantage and use to get the most out of their interest and contact information in a way that doesn't feel like you're spamming the customers with needless and unwanted messages and offers?

Look to industry leaders and how they handle their SMS collections, says our own host of Pitstop and Rolled Up Podcasts, Lucas Walker. Beardbrand has created a mostly interactive SMS based system, in which the customer is just as much a force for activity and engagement over messaging as the store itself is. Customers can text to opt-in to special programs, upcoming offers, alerts about new products, as well as use the service to ask item and product related questions, or even inquire about the right products for them, while offering tailor made exclusives they can find no where else. 

With every interaction the customer engages in, your brand receives more information you can use to specify your outreach to those customers, via SMS Collection segmenting. By segmenting your SMS opted-in consumers based on the information they give you, be it their buying habits, or the kind topics and items they have questions about, or even separating them by location, you can not only tailor your content to them in the most effective manner, which will result in further engagement with your store, but can avoid accidentally annoying them, or worse, costing them money. A service where clients can text you questions is great for outreach, but if you offer this to foreign customers, who may be charged extra for international texting, then you may instead drive them away. 

Correctly implemented to avoid these issues, such as through Omnisend's easy-start SMS marketing programs, and incredibly helpful monitoring options, you can segment your SMS collection to get the most effectiveness from your outreach campaign, while further feeding the cycle of customer engagement to sale to customer engagement to sale, and avoid over-investing your time and resources in toxic or lost clients, while refocusing and maintaining your healthier lists.

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