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Dustin Riechmann’s Rules For Podcast Partnership Marketing & Promotions

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Dustin Riechmann’s Rules For Podcast Partnership Marketing & Promotions

Partner at FireCreek Snacks and head of Simple Success Coaching, Dustin Riechmann’s experience helping struggling businesses get “un-stuck” on their journey to success has helped him identify the 4 Rules of Podcast Partnership Marketing.


Appearing on a podcast can be a fantastic and cost-free way to not only get some exposure for your brand, but lend you and your business another already-successful brand's audience and legitimacy. 

Partnership marketing with podcasts has been Dustin's secret to driving direct-to-consumer sales 3 times higher in 12 months, all for $0, and over the years he's developed guidelines for appearing on shows that maximize the audience and consumer impact.

"How do I get on a podcast?"

3:52 Consider these two factors when looking for potential partners

  1. Who has an audience that would be interested in your product, either directly or indirectly?
  2. What value can you offer their show that will entice them to invite you on?

If their audience has an interest in your brand, product or industry, and you can provide the host with an episode of content, chances are they will be interested in talking to you if you reach out.

6:15 Research & listen to a few episodes of podcasts that catch your attention, and reach out. Make sure to include positive comments and references to the show to prove you've actually listened to their work and aren't just spamming shows. As well, offer free trials or products for the hosts to use, and encourage them to post a review regardless of if it's good or bad.

Once on, there are 4 rules you should follow when planning your appearance to make the most out of the free exposure.

While these rules are specific for podcasts, they can be adapted for any media, and should be thought of as "any audience you can borrow"

  • 7:24 PURPOSE. What specifically do you want to get out of this podcast appearance? What is your goal for this show?
  • 7:35 PLAN. Identify shows that are both potential partner and potential competitors, and identify shows they are associated or related to. Know who all the players are on the field, so that you don't waste your time on shows that will never book you.
  • 8:20 PITCH. Research the top 4 episodes of the chosen show to establish 'relational anchors' & find the best way to contact the host. Pitch your appearance using the Perfect Pitch email template, and follow up routinely until you book at least one. Offer to provide as much content as possible to not only increase the chance of appearing, but retain as much message control as possible
  • 10:04 PERFORM. Plan your ideal story, connect deeply with the audience, and deliver a strong call-to-action that maximizes your results. Prepare for success with minimal time investment to nail your interview, then follow-up post-appearance to optimize the results

Leverage these proven and any new partnerships in a cycle to get high-impact results by creating a marketing flywheel to achieve   exponential growth, all for the low cost of some of your time and attention.

Clean-Up Email Campaigns

Partner at FireCreek Snacks and head of Simple Success Coaching, Dustin Riechmann is back to show how clean-up email campaigns can help your struggling & inactive customers get “un-stuck” and spending freely

While every Shopify store owner loves to see their email subscriptions grow higher and higher, if you're not getting as much as you can out of each member, you're wasting money chasing ghosts. 

With Dustin's "Clean-Up" email campaigns, you can breathe some new life back into those phantom leads, and raise your sales along with their spirits. 

1:48 "What is a 'Clean-Up' email campaign?"

The 'Clean-Up' is a special email campaign sent at the end of each month. These emails include offers that are only sent to new email subscribers who had joined that month, but have not purchase anything yet. 

This last-chance engagement allows you to pull out some tricks you have not yet tried to get a sale, or might be reluctant to offer to a larger consumer base.

  • 2:25 Re-entice the would-be customer with any offers they may have missed during the month
  • 3:10 Provide special and exclusive discount without your entire list seeing or expecting the same discount
  • 3:30 Attempt to build a relationship that had previously stalled by empathizing with them personally
  • 4:15 Avoid publicly overdoing sales by offering discounts only to those who haven't taken advantage of previous sales

This campaign model can also be rehashed as a laddered discount campaign, sent only to your older and even less active cold leads/customers.  5:55 Running a "Reactivation Campaigns" once a quarter will help you keep your lists fresh and healthy, and bring in any lost customers from the cold.


Find Your Golden Ticket 

Partner at FireCreek Snacks and head of Simple Success Coaching, Dustin Riechmann returns to Pitstop one last time to tell how finding the joy and whimsy in your e-commerce business, and sharing it with your customers, can foster both customer engagement and increase sales

If you've dotted all your i's and crossed every t when it comes to the fundamentals of selling online, connecting with other sellers and podcasts for free promotion, optimized your automated messages to make the most out of every member, and still feel like you're coming up short, why not try something a little more fantastical?

For seasoned ecommerce expert Dustin Riechmann and FireCreek Snacks, it was childhood whimsy that proved their most successful promotional campaign yet, and just the ticket for standing out above the crowd.

1:15 The FireCreek Golden Ticket Giveaway

Inspired by the passing of Gene Wilder, Dustin came up with FireCreek's own variation of the famous contest from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. 

One in every 200 orders of $99 bundles would include a ticket for $1000 (maximum 5 winners) , and if the winner was referred to FireCreek by a friend, that friend would get $100. The winning tickets were entirely random, so no customers could game the chances.

If all works out evenly, that's nearly $20,000 in sales, at the cost of $1000-$1100 in promotion.

Here's 4 ways you can make the most of your own Golden Ticket giveaway.

  • 2:20/6:20 Positive Personal Engagement. Typically serious and business focussed, Ryan the face of FireCreek was able to show a more free-spirited side during the promotion, entertaining customers while generating positive engagement. Allow your customers to connect with you personally, and they'll be more likely to think of you.
  • 3:10 Expanding Your Base. $100 for a referral may sound steep, especially since it means FireCreek essentially bought them a $99 bundle for $1 more, but getting there means you've gained two very happy customers who already have a history of ordering from you (to great personal gain) who will likely be back to order much more. It's a small price to pay.
  • 3:30 Good Value Reminder. If the product you use to push your 'Golden Ticket' promotion is a good enough deal on its own, then customers will keep buying it long after the giveaway has ended. Attach it to something that is already a proven success to maximize consumer coverage, and use the promotion as an opportunity to remind them how good a deal it already was.
  • 4:00 Free Social Media Content & Promotions. Giveaways and contests, anything with a deadline, are instant- content generators. Showcasing the prize or products needed to buy, hyping up the approaching deadline to take part, featuring and promoting winners and good old fashion FOMO could keep your social media manager busy for months and provide hours of shareable content. As well you can bring the promotion to podcasts and shows as topic, providing novelty content in exchange for reaching more potential consumers.

Let your imagination run wild, and take a chance on a crazy idea. You never know when it just might be a winner.

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