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David McCary's Headless Commerce Considerations and Choices

Posted by Lucas Walker on
David McCary's Headless Commerce Considerations and Choices

David McCary, Headless Commerce Expert, joins Lucas Walker to discuss headless commerce platforms.

When should a brand consider headless commerce?

  • Looking toward internationalization (Or regionalization)
  • Flexibility in how their content is displayed and delivered
  • Performance needed to bring store to the next revenue level
  • Revenue in the 7 figured approaching 8 figure or higher

Layers of Complexity

  • Developers and marketers will mean different things
  • Platforms like Shogun Frontend drastically reduce the complexity
  • Modular platforms like custom builds or tools built for developers  can give more control but  add complexity and costs.

Benefits of Headless

  • Increased  flexibility of content assets, for example different images in different regions
  • Increase speed like  Nomad Goods.

Tools Mentioned

  • Carts: Shopify, Big Commerce
  • CMS: Prismic, Contentful
  • Headless Platforms: Shogun (sponsor), Nacelle.

Which Headless Commerce Platform is Right For Your Brand

When it comes to headless commerce, there are a few options. You can build in house, hire an agency, or use a platform to choose. These are the main choices.

Headless Options

  • Shogun makes it much easier to get into headless commerce, particularly if your team isn't technical. It's great for marketers and brand driven ecommerce companies.
  • Nacelle is much more technical, but allows for more flexibility and customization.
  • Fabric is another platform, typically used by larger enterprise brands
  • Customer or Agency build can be pricy, but fit for your needs.


Sponsored by Shogun. The marketing driven brand's choice for Headless Commerce.

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