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Lucas Walker Gives You A Summer Sneak Peak

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Lucas Walker Gives You A Summer Sneak Peak

Lucas Walker spins by Pitstop for a quick update about all the great guests coming to Rolled Up Podcasts this July, and more!

June was a great month for Pitstop and Rolled Up Podcasts, and July promises to be even better.

Up-coming guests of the show include:

  • Jordan West, co-founder of Mindful Marketing Co, will talk about Gated Launches, SMS and VIP Facebook groups
  • Marketing veteran Chase Diamond will return to share his insights into ESP, Email Service Providers, and what the top CEO of ESP services are saying
  • Stefani Arden, founder of Arden Trading Co will drop by to discuss all the latest updates in IOS 15
  • Investor Andrew Gluck will answer listener Anthony Watts' question about raising funds from friends and family

As well, don't forget to catch Lucas on Omnisend's Cart Insider's Podcast, and an upcoming webinar with ShipBob exploring how you can break into the Canadian market.

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