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Make Every Customer Birthday An Automation Salebration

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Make Every Customer Birthday An Automation Salebration

Did you know that just 2% of all emails lead to over 30% of your store's revenue? Find out how remembering your customer's special day can be the gift you give yourself.

When it comes to building engagement and a positive relationship with your customers, personal service is key, and there is no more personal a service than the annual automated birthday message. According to Omnisend Marketing Autmation's traffic metrics, the largest return spike of all promotions is that once-a-year email, addressed directly to the consumer, simply letting them know they matter to your brand.

Far from the best deals you'll offer all year, the impact is still shocking, resulting in as much as 1 in 3 customers visiting your store in response to the email, and at least 1 in 10 making a purchase they otherwise may not have. Here's some helpful tips for making that 2% work for you.

  • Personalize the content and delivery as much as possible, down to knowing to send a customer either a message optimized for a laptop/desktop, or for mobile viewing
  • Offer them not only great deals, just for being the birthday boy or girl, but exclusives that require immediate action, like high value, short term discounts
  • Consider investing in your higher valued customers, and use this day to reach out to them with more extravagant offers, or even free merchandise/services, simply to deepen their relationship with you
  • Expand your reach not only through email birthday messages, but also SMS/Text, stripping down the message and efficiently connecting with the consumer without concerns of data use or email filters
  • Offer beyond your customer, such as suggesting they shop for someone else's birthday, be it a friend, family member or pet. The positive feeling they have from you over being remembered may transfer to them purchasing on someone else's behalf
  • Don't worry if they don't all make a purchase from a birthday email, the response serves as much to maintain your list-health as it does your revenue, and that contact generated a visit that otherwise wouldn't have happened

At the end of the day, these annual automated messages must serve two purposes, and two purposes only; confirming and using the contact information acquired to generate future engagement, and to remind the consumer that you exist, making even a simple click-through rate increase an easy victory for your brand.


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