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Meet The New Metrics With Stefanie Griffith

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Meet The New Metrics With Stefanie Griffith

Stefanie "Your Opens Are Dead" Griffith, founder of Email joins Lucas Walker on this episode of Pitstop to reveal the big changes to e-commerce coming with Apple's iOS 15 update.


The only constant in business, online or offline, is that change is inevitable, and if you don't ride the wave of the next tidal shift, you risk being swept away and going under.

With the release of Apple's iOS 15 update comes some major changes that every Shopify and e-commerce brands absolutely needs to be aware of when it comes to email marketing, and engagement expert Stefanie Griffith is here to make sure you understand them all.

What has been lost

  • Open rate tracking. In an increasingly open world, customers want to be tracked less, and enjoy their privacy more. Previously, tracking your paid media, such as advertising, has been all that's affected, but the limitations have now expanded to emails, along with...
  • IP address tracking. Further looking to protect consumer privacy, you'll no longer be able to track I addresses, which many customers have been demanding for years

What has been gained

While these new restrictions may, on the face, mean your job and e-commerce marketers has become much more difficult, says Griffith this should instead be seen as an opportunity to embrace change and adapt to better, metrics-based business practices that should have been adopted long before.

  • Clicks to replace open rates for tracking activity, giving you more on the ground information on their UX behaviour and interests, without invading your customer's privacy
  • An expanded definition of "successful conversion". A conversion isn't just a sale, it can be a sign up to SMS, engagement in a contest, feedback on an event or sharing a new product with their friends and followers, giving you a total sense of engagement, not just at the checkout
  • A newfound focus on making sure the message you convey is the best quality it can be, and that the customer's email experience is fully optimized to result in action and engagement, via mapping and understanding your entire customer funnel, from start to finish. This will allow you to see not only what works, but what doesn't, and let you focus on those weak spots

BE AWARE: With these changes will come some very odd behaviour in the data, as the systems adapt to the new restrictions. This will likely result in inflated numbers, showing many more artificial engagements than customer driven, organic activity. Don't respond or base any marketing campaign decisions on these numbers, wait to see if they settle down after a few months to be sure that they are accurate before adapting your outreach strategies.

Catering To A Captive Audience

Founder of Email, Stephanie "Your Opens Are Dead" Griffith,  returns to Pitstop to show how you can survive the latest sea-change in email marketing thanks to i0S 15


Now that the end has finally come for email open rate tracking with the recently rolled out updates for iOS 15 from Apple, as explained by marketing expert Stephanie Griffith in our last episode, it's time to step up your customer tracking and list curation to the next level.

High Intent Captures & The Fall Of Contests

One hacky and tired tool that email experts will be glad to see sidelined are capture contests, emails designed to result in opens by offering the chance at a prize. Without needless vanity metrics like open rates, this option for growing lists has become completely unnecessary and useless, except for the very few customers who happened to win them.

Such old school, wide-net methods are a thing of the past and will only waste your money and time chasing after consumers who just don't care enough about your brand or products.  Instead, it's time to focus on those customers who have proven brand loyalty and buying power, with just 3 simple steps.

  1. Don't focus on the size of your lists. Quantity of responses is a vanity metric, based on years and years of tracking open rates. Let them go, they're only pointing you in the wrong direction. Stop looking at the numbers you want to have and focus on what you do
  2. Ruthlessly curate your signed-up members. If someone is making you money, then why are you spending any on trying to get their attention? If you're not seeing click activity on sent emails over your store, even within under a month since their last visit, cut them out. If they're really interested in your brand, they'll return themselves
  3. Pay absolute attention to what few truly committed customers you do have, their traffic, movements, interests and the idiosyncrasies click tracking affords you, and cater to those tastes and behaviours

Give yourself a true 360 view of the behaviour of your best consumers, not just the binary "yes" or "no" of if an email was opened or not, and they will feed you shopping habit data until you're fit to burst.

Keep Calm & Email On

Stephanie "Your Opens Are Dead" Griffith, founder of Email joins Lucas Walker again on Pitstop to assure you that though open rate tracking is ending, you'll be just fine


Chances are that either you, or someone on your team, after hearing that open rate tracking and ip tracking were coming to an end with iOS 15, likely felt a deep and foreboding  sense of dread. 

As the engagement metrics you rely the most on vanish before your very eyes, you may worry that your brand has been left blind to your customer's behaviour.

Says Stephanie Griffith, DON'T PANIC

The next year is going to see a lot of businesses make a lot of mistakes as everyone gets used to the new normal, and old habits are left behind. 

Here's how to avoid becoming someone else's lesson of what not to do.

  1. No seriously, don't panic. It's going to be a slow integration for everyone, and no one knows the full potential of 15's updates yet. Even if you get caught off guard, you're still no further behind anyone else in terms of rolling out a responsive strategy
  2. Don't send "too many damn emails". Until you learn how to read the new metrics, you may worry that emails aren't being read, let lone received, and could start burying consumers in promotional messages, desperate for a  measurable sale. Rest assured, nothing is changing about how emails are delivered, and they will be getting through
  3. Don't just sit on your hands and wait. You still have access to open rate and ip metrics for the time being, so make the most out of them. Learn as much as you can about current and projected customer behaviour, so that you can be confident in your strategy continuing during the interim period between iOS 15's launch and your systems adapting to the new metrics
  4. Build out your other audiences. IOS 15 updates will have no effect on SMS or how you track their metrics, and while SMS is certainly no replacement for email promotion, take this opportunity to expand on your lists, to get a great sense of consumer behaviour to measure future metrics in comparison with, while also reaping the benefits of more consumers engaging with your brand beyond email

Approach these upcoming changes with a calm curiosity, and you'll find your business will only get better.

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