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Pitboss Mike D's Roadside BBQ Pitstop

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Pitboss Mike D's Roadside BBQ Pitstop

Mike D, costar of Discovery's 'I Quit', may have the table set with a selection of sauces, rubs and spices, but that doesn't mean he isn't always on the look out for the next big meal. The E-commerce Pitboss stopped in with Lucas and Pitstop to share his top tips and choice cuts.

Mike D's E-commerce Pitboss Top Tips

  • Don't be caught up worrying where people are buying your product. Customers will purchase the product they want the way they're most comfortable. Don't interfere with that. You may be making a smaller margin with a wholesale purchase, but you are still making a margin.
  • Meet customers where they are, not where you want them to be. A sale is a sale.
  • Instead, focus on expanding availability and options for the customer. Give them as many options for engaging with your brand as is sustainable.

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