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Pivot Today To Profit Tomorrow Warns Chase Dimond

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Pivot Today To Profit Tomorrow Warns Chase Dimond

Email marketing expert & partner at Boundless Labs and Structured, Chase Dimond, makes Pitstop podcast history as the first returning guest, to talk about how you can prepare for iOS 15


At a recent roundtable with some of the giants of the e-commerce marketing industry, Chase Dimond was able to ask some very important questions about how they expect the iOS 15 update to roll out, and what it will mean for your email marketing strategies.

"Is iOS 15 the death of email marketing?"

In short, no

While it may seem like the loss of open rate tracking undermines the entire point of email marketing, industry leaders are confident that email as a promotional tool is far from finished, and will only become more active once the new normal is fully settled.

"Will revenue or deliverability decline with iOS 15?"

Again, no

It is almost unanimously agreed that conversion rates of 20-40% will continue, as customer behaviour itself it unlikely to change, aside from increase in engagement as even more people shop online. 

Rather than adapting your tactics based on data you receive from open rates to generate this revenue, brands will have to adjust to analyzing a new set of information, and maintain a faithful course ahead sending emails without the much missed metrics, as well as an aggressive approach to list hygiene, and the removal of inactive and unprofitable members.

"What can I do now to prepare for these changes?"

Whether or not you agree that open rates are a vanity metric, they can still tell you more than just the binary of if your customers are opening an email or not. While you still have access to open rate data, look for the following specific details to learn how to look around and beyond the open rates themselves:

  • What is the actual percent of opens that lead to engagement with the email? How many people explore the offer?
  • What is the click through-to-open rate ratio? How many people end up in your store?

Knowing currently how many people engage with your emails, and comparing later figures will give you a way to spot your open rate without having the direct data of them available.

Traffic Driving Tip:  If an email for a new sale or promotion hasn't been opened, resend it with a different title, and try to see what works. The first email to newly signed up customers is often the most successful, so do everything you can to gain and keep their attention

Stick To The Plan

Record breaker Chase Dimond is back in the Pitstop garage to tell Lucas how the biggest names in email marketing are planning to deal with the roll out of iOS 15


If you feel anxious or stressed about the loss of open rates and ip tracking with the upcoming iOS 15 update later this year, just imagine how the companies who make their money off email marketing feel.

Thankfully, the leaders of these companies recently came together to discuss what the update means for their industry and what they should do to survive it, and Chase Dimond was there to hear their plans, tactics and strategies.


  • Rytis Lauris, CEO of Omnisend, detailed the company's belief that opens were only a proxy score to begin with, and that the best approach is to educate their clients. Through their campaign Opens Are Dead Omnisend has been helping brands understand the changes coming and how they can best adapt. They also are committing to a focus on recency, repeat and returning customers, and how they drive profitability.


  • Pre-built segment options will be available for clients  who want to take a less hands-on approach to dealing with iOS 15. The segments will track resulting visits to your website, on-site activity and their rate and weight of clicks, and engage inactive members in break-up email series, giving brands a broad overview of consumer behaviour and a worry free automated experience.


  • The new goal for emails won't just be getting customers to open them, it will be getting customers to go the extra step and respond to them. According to Privy, this will be the best new metric for telling if your list is sick or healthy, as if a customer can't even be bothered to click a link, vote in a poll or share a post, they probably won't be shopping any time soon either.


  • Looking to put an end to batching and blasting once and for all with the new updates, MessageBird will be offering clients as yet undefined automated options, that will be driven by the customer's own actions.

Send Lane

  • Improving post-master tools is Send Lane's goal, allowing you to draw metrics directly from Google itself rather than more costly monitoring and automation options. If brands want to see more activity, then it will just be up to them to put in the extra effort and make themselves noticed.


  • Sunset flows will be the new name of the game, according to Drip,  based on the still remaining core deliverability data, so a mere adjustment in analysis is all that's required.

Every major and minor email marketing brand is working on how they can make the most out of iOS 15's shakeup, and while not everyone will get it right, inevitably working strategies will win out, and the rest of the industry will invariably follow step, hopefully in a continued spirit of cooperation between competitors.

Grow With The Flow - Chase Dimond

Email marketing expert Chase Dimond returns one more time to the Pitstop garage to give Lucas the rundown on 6 key customer segments to watch that will let you make the most of your consumers


Your opens may be dead, but that doesn't mean they were all that important when they were alive to begin with. Some of the craftier brand operators and marketing agents have been making the most out of everything else available from customers while the majority of the industry was happy with a steady diet of staple open rates. 

While in the past some have mocked them for ignoring the easiest to gather intel, with the rollout of iOS 15, they're the ones comfortably laughing now, far ahead of the game and worry free.

Thankfully, Chase Dimond has connected 6 key customer segments you should pay attention to today and after iOS 15 has launched that will give you the insight those lucky few have until now exclusively enjoyed, and lead your customers to be all they can buy.

Laying Out The Track

These groups are determined by a combination of order data, revenue data and  click data, so there will be absolutely no loss or effect come iOS 15, allowing you to continue the process uninterrupted.

The  secret to the success of understanding and utilizing these 6 key customer segments, says Chase, is to use them in succession, pushing and pulling VIP customers from one level to the next, processing them into better, more loyal and engaged customers every step of the way. 

  1. Dead Weight. Non-purchasers who have signed up for emails they don't open, promoting sales they don't take advantage of. This segment is a money pit, and the smaller it is the less cash it will cost you. Contact them occasionally to see if there's a nibble, but don't chase after them
  2. Nearly There's. The interest is there, but the purchase history is not with the next group, people who seem interested and active on your site and in your emails, but never leads to a sale. These people are looking for a reason to buy from you, so give them one. Try anything, getting them across that buying threshold is all that matters.
  3. Potential Brand Enthusiasts. They've made a few purchases, and are clicking through to some emails. Up their engagement and get them really interested and into your brand culture, so they can move on to...
  4. Brand Enthusiasts. Die hard loyalty and a history of purchasing, but with potentially months long spaces between purchases. The interest in your brand is there, you just need to capitalize on it with special offers and direct engagement
  5. Potential High Rollers. These are your soon-to-be VIPs who already have a healthy buying history and love of your brand, but haven't quite yet committed to dropping the big bucks. Entice them with a taste of real exclusivity, then wait as they come to you to take the next step.
  6. High Rollers. These are your big-money spenders, who like to make frequent and frequently large purchases. These people love you already, so maintaining their loyalty is mostly a matter of staying the course, and not upsetting or annoying them. The only thing they can't easily buy is the status of exclusivity, so give them that.


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