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Redundancy, Rinse and Repeat Says Jason Wong

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Redundancy, Rinse and Repeat Says Jason Wong

Doe Lashes founder Jason Wong returns to Rolled Up Podcasts and Pitstop to tell Lucas  Walker about his latest visit to the ShipBob facilities, and the importance of building your business around redundancies.


A clean warehouse is as important to a business that ships out their product as a clean kitchen is to a restaurant. How your company and employees treat the space where you do your most important work speaks volumes about how they and you treat your business overall.  When cosmetic entrepreneur Jason Wong joined ShipBob  for a tour of their Fulfillment Centre warehouse, he found a workplace in perfect flow and harmony, where  problems were anticipated by design, and errors were corrected before they could even happen. Redundancies are important for the continued function of any suitably complex system, and your business is not immune to the failures a few safeties and extra steps can help you avoid. Here are Jason's  top three take-aways from Shipbob's own  facilities.

  • Double check. The most basic but important practice you or any business can undertake to solve or reduce errors is to simply check the paperwork. Making a sale? Check the paperwork to make sure you're sending it to the right customer. Receiving a shipment? Check the paperwork to make sure it's the products you ordered, in the quantity you ordered. Simply taking a few moments to double check the details of an order can save you untold hours wasted trying to fix problems that never had to exist in the first place. Regardless of the size of the company, taking the time to check the details will lead to saving wasted tie and money.
  • Happy workers make for happy work. Employees who care about the company they work for, and feel like they are cared about by, will put in the extra effort that can take your service to the top of your industry. A happy and fulfilled workforce is magnitudes more efficient, effective and overall profitable. Listen to their requests, acknowledge and accept their viewpoints, and integrate solutions that make them feel not only supported, but listened to.
  • Talk to your customer. Proactive communication is key to a healthy and dynamic business-customer relationship, capable of  weathering any unexpected market storms, such as shipping delays due to international traffic gridlock, or product delays due to industries shutting down for much of the last year and a half. As the front line experience your consumer will have, the power is in your hands to be open and frank with them about any issues and thus retain a customer who trust your honesty, or loss them when they disappointment and frustration over delays and errors turns into anger.  Taking the time to just talk to them  can make a customer for life.

Automate Away The Wait

Jason Wong, founder of Doe Lashes, returns to Pitstop to share with Lucas how automating your customer support response can save you money and bring your customers closer.


What can your business do to automate the customer support process to save not only you and your team money and time, but the customer's time as well? Automating turns any customer support process into customer success, with each automation saving you, on average, one minute, which can quickly compound into hours per week extra that you can take advantage of, freeing you up for more important and valuable work. Doe Lashes own Jason Wong explains how you can get your average ticket-time down from over a day to just two hours, and other major savings.

  • Going Manual. You may ask, 'why not just go automated to begin with?' It seems like it would save you time and money on first consideration, but in truth you would be going about it blindly.  Without the hands on experience with your business, discovering its specific habits, hazards and hinderances, how you automate may not address any problems it should be fixing, or losing effectiveness altogether. Start from the bottom before you climb your way to the top.
  • Know Your Data To Grow Your Data. What is the most common concern for most customer service contacts? Identify what is taking up most of your time, and automate it away. Chances are your number one time-waste for your service branch are tracking order requests, a process that was automated years ago for the majority of the industry. Know what problem takes up your time to begin with, then automate the solution with Macros, like those available through Gorgias.
  • Automate Your Initial Response.  No one likes feeling ignored, especially not paying customers.  By automating the beginning of every customer service interaction to be as positively and receptively as possible, you not only keep a potentially frustrated or upset customer  calm and engaged, you buy your team some time to do some leg work that might otherwise annoy the customer, or may even solve the problem. It doesn't matter if it's obviously automatically generated if the following contact is answering the initial question or solving the client's problem.
  • Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. Now that you've saved your customer support team from the doldrums of being an on-call FAQ, it's time to put them to work where they are most needed. Study your traffic figures, and determine when your customers are most likely to send in a ticket. If there's periods during the day when there are only a few tickets per hour, then there's really no need to have someone getting paid to do then what could easily be done later during busier hours. Develop a shift schedule that makes your team more efficient, and saves you money on staffed hours.
  • Go To The Next Level. Eventually you'll start noticing patterns in other aspects of your business, such as outreach to potential partners, suppliers or promotional teams, which can be tedious and time consuming, and often left in the hands of you, the shop owner, who already is far too busy. Don't hate, automate. The same systems that help your customer service team can help you. Automate your systems, automate your operations, automate your outreach, automate your promotion  and marketing. Automate as much as you can, and never stop looking for new ways to save time.

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