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TJ Mapes Tells You How To Stay Connected With Post Purchase Emails

Posted by Lucas Walker on
TJ Mapes Tells You How To Stay Connected With Post Purchase Emails

TJ Mapes, founder of Mangrove Digital, joins Lucas and Pitstop to talk the importance of building and maintaining a relationship with your customers through post-purchase emails.

In a recent post on Mangrove Digital, company founder TJ Mapes espoused the importance of not just sending automated post-purchase emails to your customers, but re-engaging them all over again, educating, exciting and delighting consumers into returning time and again. 

As Pitstop listeners know, post-purchase email flows aren't just the digital equivalent of "thank you, come again", but actively and reliably increase an e-commerce store's referrals, reduce product returns and increase supportive reviews and positive reputation in the e-commerce industry and online retail environment. A good post-purchase flow can turn a single sale into not just a single follow up, but a cascading series of sales, one building momentum off the the next. 

According to TJ, both your experience as a Shopify or e-commerce retailer and your consumer's as a client, customer and preferential member doesn't end after the sale, nor even after the automated delivery of a post-purchase follow-up offer. While you got your sale, your transaction for that item won't be truly complete until it's in your customer's hands, who can then confirm that it works to expectations and demands. As such, your PPEs should offer some important and relevant information.

  • Order confirmation
  • Delivery ETA
  • Assistance or how-to's for the product
  • Commonly purchased related items

These details not only provide needed information for the customer, but reduces their reliance on your support team, who otherwise would be tied up answering those very questions. Providing these details, even if it's bad news like updating them on a delay, will also assert to the customer that you're forthcoming, trustworthy and above board, giving you a reputation that no amount of money can simply buy. In return, PPEs can also provide you with promotional content, as excited customers are more likely to show off their newest purchases in unboxing videos and product reviews. Engaging them as brand ambassadors is not only free publicity, but nurtures a sense of identity and community between your consumers, your product and your company.

Saving The Day

Every dog gets its day, and thanks to the popularity of social media holidays, so does every person, place, thing and activity too. Anything from traditional holidays like Labour Day and Thanksgiving, to annual and reoccurring events like Daylights Savings and Leap Day, and frivolous novelty days like National Fleece Day or Pancake Appreciation Day get the spotlight usually once a year, and rarely is there a week without at least something to celebrate. Some are steeped in history and tradition, some the results of quick thinking marketers over the last century, but all are fantastic excuses to get your brand out there by taking advantage of already existing themes, messages and shared sense of community.

According to marketing expert and serial entrepreneur TJ Mapes, any Shopify and e-commerce business, big or small, can easily, quickly and effectively piggy back on any SMH by following these simple engagement tactics:

  • Be informative. The least aggressive kind of SMH outreach, informative messages arent trying to push any one product, or announce a sale, but simply act to raise awareness for the day in question, while tying your brand identity to the spirit of helpfulness, like reminding customers to change their clocks during Daylight Savings. Even if totally unrelated to your products or services, customers will click through and read the message, and remain engaged with your company.
  • Be funny. The vast majority of SMHs are jokes to begin with (including International Joke Day on July 1st), there so that people can have a little fun and break up the monotony of the modern work week. Be willing to embrace the silliness of these days, even if you’re not pushing any specific sale, product or service; customers appreciate brands that are approachable, self aware and above all seem and want to be seen as open, friendly and above all, human.
  • Be creative. You've educated them, you've entertained them, now go for the sale without losing that creativity or funny loving spirit. A clever flash sale, like 10% off with the promo code “Punxsutawney” on Groundhog Day, or an interactive contest, like cutest cat photo receives a free gift or bonus discount, will help keep your customers engaged, guessing, amd excited to see emails or SMS from your brand, even after the fun is over and they’re just receiving traditional messages about upcoming deals and products.

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