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Streamline Presentation And Rescue Your Shopify Page with Ilana Davis

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Streamline Presentation And Rescue Your Shopify Page with Ilana Davis

Lucas is joined by Shopify superhero Ilana Davis, who shares her tips on saving your brand by simplifying your online presence.

How to rescue your homepage without a costly redesign:

  • Less is more; don't overwhelm the consumer with countless product options, special deals, or flashy image carousels
  • Concentrate what is shown by presenting only your primary products upfront on your homepage
  • Know what your customers come to you for, and focus on that specific product or service
  • Don't over-complicate or add steps to purchasing a product; if there's an image of what you are selling on your page, clicking on it should bring the customer to a page where they can buy it
  • Avoid turning you page into a maze, if customers can't quickly find their way back to the product they want, they'll leave

Maximize Website Conversions By Making Product Tabs Taboo

Shopify superhero Ilana Davis details that while page tabs may seem like a great way to share information with customers, they instead tend to overwhelm, confuse and drive away potential sales, while interfering with accessibility.

A consumer coming to your site is more often than not visiting for an exact reason, whether it's to purchase your product or to learn something specific about it. Hiding these details behind a variety of tabs confuse and irritate visitors, rather than effectively presenting the information they want. 

What's more, it can effect SEO, as details you want to appear in search engines such as Google can be lost in the shuffle. Presenting this information clearly and upfront will increase not only website conversions, but also external traffic.

Embrace Accessibility To Increase Product Visibility

How to make your site a more accessible experience

  • Don't dismiss accessibility just because your product isn't primarily for disabled customers; 20% of consumers have a disability in one form or another
  • Optimize your pages for screen reader apps and programs
  • Add alt-text descriptions to any images included, especially product images
  • Use clearly contrasting texts and backgrounds, rather than over-designed fonts or funky tones

Accessibility advantages don't just allow and drive engagement and sales from those who suffer from restrictions or disabilities, they make shopping an easier and more enjoyable experience for all customers.


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