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Sylvester Louis Castillo Wants You To Connect With Your Customers

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Sylvester Louis Castillo Wants You To Connect With Your Customers

Sylvester Louis Castillo, business analyst and senior style consultant at Beardbrand, joins Lucas and Pitstop to detail how they connect with their customers one-on-one with SMS outreach.


Despite being very common for personal use, SMS outreach for connecting consumers with business remains under-utilized, often misunderstood and an infrequently-turned to tool for customer engagement. Although an incredibly cost effective option, most businesses fail to see the true potential for consumer outreach. 

Beardbrand is not such a company, says Castillo, and your brand shouldn't be either.

Measuring Up

The biggest problem most companies have with using SMS is not knowing how to measure the response. Text messages led to very different behaviour from customers than emails do, and if you gauge their effectiveness by the metrics of another medium, like email, you'll be completely lost.

Look at connection per week and per month rates, NOT conversion to sale rates. 

This may seem counter-intuitive, since your ultimate goal is to improve profits, but the real power of SMS is to engage customers on a more intimate, personal level, humanizing your brand. 

Consider everything you send your customers through SMS as purely Value Added:

  • Give them a sneak peak of new products or brand news
  • Grant early access to trial products
  • Provide tutorials, guidance and advice about using your products

The more you generate those Connections, letting customers interact with your company for reasons aside from buying your product, the more you will enjoy both high-consumer trust & loyalty to your product and brand.


Take Personal Service To The Next Level 

Senior style consultant and business analyst at Beardbrand, Sylvester Louis Castillo, returns to Pitstop to tell Lucas how getting personal with your customers over SMS pays off in more ways than mere profits.


You may be ready to connect with your customers via SMS, says Beardbrand's Sly Castillo, but does your store or site reflect that?

Are you really offering the most you can for your membership program?

The best way to turn visitors into subscribers is to make the choice and process as easy and enticing as possible. Promote your opt-in text membership as frequently as you can without overstating your case. Have your SMS number, and the basic steps for subscribing and cancelling, clearly posted on your most active pages. Link the promo, banner or copy the number appears in to a page that clearly details membership benefits and agreements.

Much more important though, is to not be satisfied at just wooing customers with membership features, such as special offers, tips & tricks, in-depth tutorials or sneak peaks of new products and services. 

Design a membership experience that is beyond your customer's expectation 

  • Make every membership engagement post sign-up personal, casually-intimate and as one-on-one as possible to ensure memorable and lasting connections
  • Offer a place for your customers to belong, a way for them to bond with each other through your brand and products, and let them feel apart of your success

Invest the time and attention and turn your SMS membership strategy into more than just another brand account for customers to sign up to. Make it a value added factor not just for their shopping experience but for their lives, and they will return again and again.


 Above & Beyond Customer Expectations

Sylvester Louis Castillo, Senior style consultant and business analyst at Beardbrand, visits Pitstop one last time to hammer home how your SMS engagement, and customer relations, can reach their fullest value added potential.


Now that you’ve gotten your most loyal and interested customers to sign up for your SMS program, it’s time to show them what your brand can really offer.

Get to know your consumers

Take that personal touch SMS allows you to the next level, and show your shoppers how much they, individually, matter to you. Get to know them, not their buying habits or their order history, but who they are. 

  • Reply to any SMS inquiries with their first name, without asking for it in the interaction. You have it on file, put it to use. Eventually you will begin to remember them naturally.
  • Engage them in small talk, such as asking them about how they use your product, and remember to bring it up in later engagements, such as offers for those specific interests. Show that you remember them, and that they made an impact on you
  • Know your product inside and out. You are the final level of customer service, the pinnacle of what your brand offers, and if you don’t know the product, then your customer won’t trust you
  • Believe in your core brand mission and what you do. The highest quality service has the highest quality expectations, and SMS plans are no place for you to be lackluster and disengaged.
  • Follow the most basic rule of both customer service and human behaviour; treat them like you would want to be treated

At the end of the day, your customers aren’t just a set of data points, or profit margins, or conversion rates; they’re people, with their own cares, concerns and presumptions, and it’s incredibly important not to lose sight of that. Be interested in them, be patient with them and be available for them, and they will never forget your brand.

If you'd like to check out Beardbrand's SMS membership and talk to Sylvester, just text STYLE 512-879-3297

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