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Text Sells And Shopify Tells, Says Jeremy Horowitz

Posted by Lucas Walker on
Text Sells And Shopify Tells, Says Jeremy Horowitz

Jeremy Horowitz, host of Messenger Mastermind and the Head of Growth at Daasity joins Lucas and Pitstop to discuss how to make the most of every transaction with SMS and email marketing.

Just because your customer has completed their transaction and left your Shopify or  e-commerce store doesn’t mean there isn’t still the opportunity to capitalize on their spending mood or habits. Order Bumps, automated post-purchase SMS or email messages featuring quality products and alluring sales, can see not only a take-rate of 2-5% consistently and immediately, but a 10% to as a much as 40% boost in the Average Order Value across your entire store.

Considered the secret weapon of the e-commerce community, these profit boosters are an easy, reliable, cost-effective and personal way to re-engage with your most valued customers, and are available through our sponsor Omnisend, the all-in-one automation platform.

Order Bumps can come in many shapes, sizes or variations of automated post-purchase offers, though Jeremy suggests the proven one-two punch:

  • About 30 minutes to an hour after their last transaction in your store, send your consumer a special, exclusive and limited time offer. Locking the offered product behind hidden page, that can’t be access through any inventory searches on your site, can guarantee the sense of exclusivity and curiosity needed for an unexpected purchase. Limit the availability of this offer by restricting it within a set window of time; Jeremy suggests 4 hours, to create a feeling of urgency while giving enough time for consumers to consider the purchase.
  • An hour to 30 minutes before the offer expires, send a followup to your follow-up, reminding them that the offer is set to end soon, or “checking in” to see if they were interested in it, effectively redelivering the product-pitch again.

This simple addition can not only drive enormous growth in sales for your brand and e-commerce store, it will get more bang out of your marketing budget’s buck without any major investment, due to the low Cost of Customer Acquisition of automated and directed SMS and email messages.

Pretty Fly For Shopify

While after-sale offers are a fantastic way to bring customers back for one last offer, what can an e-commerce or Shopify store owner do to increase the average order value from their consumers before they leave in the first place? According to Jeremy Horowitz, inline toss-ins included in your shopping cart flyout may just hold the secret to making that last minute sale.

Easy to program into any e-commerce or Shopify store, cart flyouts are a staple of the larger online shopping services, like Amazon, often simply allowing customers a convenient way to access their shopping cart once they’ve added an item, often by just rolling their mouse over part of the right of their screen. This space however has great untapped potential for additional sales, with just some minor tweaking of the available options. 

  1. The toss-in feature; this should be a simple one-step process, either a button to click or a box to check, that doesn’t link the customer away from the page or their shopping cart when activated. Once engaged, it would simply be automatically included in the final subtotal, and rolled into the included original order.
  2. The offered item; it should be of relative low cost, both for you to maximize your margin, and for the customer as to entice them to include it without much consideration. The item should be complimentary of their purchase, if possible, either an accessory for their original purchase, or a cross-sell that would benefit their original item, much in the way convenience stores have candy, gum, and magazines by their physical checkouts. The product details and motivating promotional information should be made available on the flyout itself, again to make inquiries easier for the customer, and to remove any extra steps that may slow down, delay or result in the buyer walking away from the offer.

Even if it has as low as a 10% take, with the properly chosen product to include, it can be pure and easy profit, automatically generated every time someone buys a product from your Shopify or  e-commerce store. It also carries a double bonus, as it’s a logistical benefit as well, since it cuts down on shipping to profit ratio, making more money together than it takes to send the items out separately.

Double The Offer, Double The Outcome 

Realistically, while you have a core group of loyal and passionate customers, the majority of those who enjoy your product and share their contact information with you won’t engage with or even open all of the messages you send, no matter what offers they contain. Email offers can often be ignored, forgotten, or caught up in spam filters and never seen at all. Diversifying your methods of contacting your customers, by using both email and SMS automated systems, will not only increase your store’s profitability, but get you closer to your customers, increase the chances that they’ll engage with more of your offers, and more frequently return to take action.

It’s found that 90% of SMS messages are opened within the first 3 minutes after arrival, as unlike email systems SMS channels face little to no spam filtration, leading to a 100% delivery rate, in a medium that consumers are guaranteed to reply more readily to.

How do I get my consumers to enter both their email and the phone number?

To convince customers to agree to being contacted twice over, Jeremy suggests using the 2 For 1 strategy, a compounding special offer system that provides a one time reward to the customer, but continuing reward to you. An example he provides is an initial fantastic offer, like 10% off a purchase when they sign up over email, and a follow up additional smaller percent special offer compounding on the first for their phone number. 50% of customers who are willing to sign up with their email have been found to also be willing to give over their phone number as well, especially when given an additional exclusive offer.

Won’t I just be cannibalizing my own contact list and annoying customers?

The major brands of the world understand that loss is inevitable, and that if you don’t cannibalize your own contact lists when a new method of marketing comes around, someone else will. Staggering your messaging campaigns, such as by using automated messaging programs like our sponsor Omnisend, will avoid customer burn out. What’s more, it’s been found that this one-two punch combination actually accelerates not only the return and purchase rate of consumers, but also the chances they will open any messages or offer you send them, regardless of the method, improving your profitability, exposure and brand relationship overall.

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