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Lucas Walker Bio, Accomplishments, and Interview

Lucas Walker is a serial entrepreneur. Having started three successful businesses in the software, ecommerce, and media spaces, working on bootstrapped and venture funded companies, there is nobody with the experience he has.

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Quick History of Lucas Walker's Accomplishments


Launches first Canadian University Twitter account for Acadia Athletics department.


Cofounds Venngage, the leading infographic maker. Named Top 25 Startups in Canada by LinkedIn in 2019.


Launches a website selling natural dog treats. Sold into TJX, Amazon, independent and Big Box retail.


Begins advising on marketing and ecommerce, launching the number 1 B2B sales podcast.


Joins Gorgias, the number one helpdesk for ecommerce. Brought on the largest client before shifting to the marketing team.

Featured In

  • The Globe and Mail
  • Mashable
  • Financial Post
  • Shopify Masters
  • Brand Creators (#1 Amazon Seller podcast)
  • Hubspot
  • Many More


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Interview with Lucas Walker, Founder of Rolled Up

Since opening his first online store in 2014, and having cofounded and co-created the infographic marketing tool Venngage in 2012, the early adapting Lucas Walker has been involved in ecommerce since the very beginning of the Web 2.0 ecosystem. “It was before people really took it seriously” said Walker. “It was seen as the enemy that’s going to destroy retail”. Now considered an industry veteran, there’s little in the world of ecommerce that Lucas hasn’t seen before, and is often turned to by even established store owners for advice and support when a problem arises. “[It’s about] knowing all the different pillars of ecommerce, and knowing how it all gets ‘Rolled Up’ into a strategy”.

Falling into online retail by sheer chance and accident, having befriended other early adapters, Lucas jumped into ecommerce with both feet, learning as he went, self taught when possible, self-discovered when necessary. A few short years later, and this one-time hobby had become a full time career. 

Says Lucas, most entrepreneurs and company-founders are already really motivated to make their online storefronts the best they can be, using any tools or tactics necessary, and just need two things; a place to start, and a way to start. “When you focus on the ‘How?’, which is what my series Pitstop focuses on, it really unsticks the bottleneck and keeps that progress moving forward”.

“Being an ecommerce entrepreneur is a game anyone can play” he says, “but it’s a very hard game, and I don’t want that to be misconstrued, but it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, you can get started and develop those skills for yourself and others”.

Explained Walker, there are still new surprises working in the world of ecommerce to this day that keep him coming back, and that most people fundamentally misunderstand the industry and ecosystem. “It’s not a marketing-driven industry, it’s very much about operations and logistics. The faster the conversation gets to operations and logistics, the more credible and serious you know somebody is.” Interested in sharing what he’s learned over his many years of experience in online retail, Lucas soon turned to podcasting as the most effective and wide-ranging way to help others and spread his message.

First attracted to the medium while a young student, realizing the potential they held for easily expanding the listener’s knowledge and understanding of just about any topic, when properly produced and presented, Lucas sees podcasts as an incredibly versatile tool and opportunity for improving empathy and sharing respective passions and interests with a truly global audience. “It still lets your imagination run wild, the same way reading does. Instead of seeing how somebody else is doing it for themselves, you’re imagining how you would do it yourself, it’s just something that I loved”.

Having produced, recorded, hosted and guest starred on hundreds of ecommerce, marketing and business podcasts, and downloaded, altogether, over a million times, Walker is a well known and highly respected ecommerce, Shopify and online retail expert, across the world.